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  • Bereavement and Loss
    Bereavement and Loss

Loss and Bereavement

Young people are already coping with lots of stresses in their life, such as their changing hormones and important exams - so dealing with the death of someone they love can be particularly hard. It's important to make sure that they're getting the support they need.
Young people are in the process of changing from children into adults. Some will be more, and some will be less grown up than others the same the age. Some can be quite adult-like, and some can be quite child-like. And, of course, they can move between the two.
Like adults, how young people respond to and cope with the death of someone special to them is completely unique to each individual.
Here are some suggestions for ways we can help:

Winstons Wish

Winston’s Wish was the UK’s first childhood bereavement charity. We have been supporting bereaved children and young people since 1992 and we continue to lead the way in providing specialist child bereavement support services across the UK. Winston’s Wish provides emotional and practical bereavement support to children, young people and those who care for them. Our expert teams offer one off and ongoing bereavement support and we also provide online resources, specialist publications and training for professionals.


Supporting young people return to school following a bereavement


Help 2 Make Sense is an online tool brought to you by Winston’s Wish, a charity supporting bereaved children and young people. It aims to help young people who have experienced the death of a loved one come to terms with their loss.

Strategies for helping young people open up about bereavement


Talking to children when they are about to be bereaved or have just experienced a death may feel daunting. Knowing how children of different ages may react can help. As a health or social care professional, there are many ways one can help families, friends, schools and communities do and say things before and after someone dies that can help.

Pooky Knightsmith

This video talks through 3 simple activities for supporting children who've been bereaved. 

How to support your child with bereavement | YoungMinds Parents Lounge

Our experts Emma & Chris discuss how to look after a young person experiencing bereavement. This edition of the parent's lounge will cover sensitive themes which you may find upsetting

More resources for Coping with Bereavement and Loss:

This is a charity that provides support and information when a loved one is diagnosed with a serious illness: https://hopesupport.org.uk/



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