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Suffolk Children and Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing Hub


What is the Emotional Wellbeing Hub?

The Emotional Wellbeing Transformation Plan for East and West Suffolk sets out how it will improve children and young people’s emotional wellbeing and mental health.

The Emotional Wellbeing Hub provides:

  • a team of Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners for expert information, advice and support
  • an online referral form for anyone concerned about a child or young person’s emotional wellbeing and mental health. Young people can also self-refer
  • a consultation helpline for emotional wellbeing and mental health issues relating to children and young people

Whether you are experiencing mental health issues, are worried about someone you care for, or want to know how to stay mentally well, the Gateway website is the place to go for families and professionals to access mental health support services in Suffolk.


Referral link and options to look at more specific needs e.g. anxiety, self-harm etc

More resources for Parents:

Supporting young people on their return to school: https://charliewaller.org/resources/supporting-children-returning-to-school-parents-carers

Supporting a child with anxiety leaflet: https://charliewaller.org/resources/supporting-a-child-with-anxiety

A guide to supporting young people who self-harm: https://charliewaller.org/resources/coping-with-self-harm-resource

Young Minds have lots of support and information available:

Wellbeing Action Plan: https://charliewaller.org/resources/wellbeing-action-plan-child

Wellbeing Challenge Activity Pack: https://charliewaller.org/resources/wellbeing-challenge-activity-pack-secondary

A parents’ guide to depression: https://charliewaller.org/resources/guide-to-depression-for-parents-and-carers

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