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  • Combating Extremism Statement
    Combating Extremism Statement

Ways in which SVCS protects students from extremist views, including religious and
political extremism.

The Curriculum

At Stour Valley Community School we recognise the responsibility to make sure that our students grow up with a balanced view of the world, its peoples and opinions. We also recognise that there are many opportunities within a school curriculum to address these issues and support balanced and informed debate about many contentious issues.

The Religious Studies department at SVCS, through following the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus, studies the main world religions and promotes tolerance and understanding of world views. When appropriate, current issues in the news are discussed and that may prompt students to question human behaviour and their motives behind it. Students are encouraged to use critical thinking skills to identify bias and in doing so develop the skills of analysis and evaluation. Lessons regularly look at ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in terms of religious beliefs and British law so it is made clear what is acceptable behaviour in this country.