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  • Asthma Policy
    Asthma Policy

1. Aim

Asthma is the most common chronic childhood disease in the U.K. and it is increasing. It is a treatable condition but unless the correct action is taken an asthma attack can prove fatal. Trust schools recognises that immediate access to reliever inhalers is vital so keep records of students with asthma and their prescribed medication. The sufferer must be in a position to administer medication and adults must be aware of the action to take when a severe attack occurs.

2. Purpose

To allow students with asthma to be involved in normal school activities with minimal absence in a secure, safe and caring environment. This document will give clear guidelines to members of staff and others in the school on the procedures to be adopted when treating a student. Working in partnership with parents is encouraged to enable their children to cope with, and overcome, their difficulties and any embarrassment they have in dealing with their asthma.