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Science at Stour Valley is an enriching experience where the core values of learning key ideas and the extensive practical opportunities are linked to genuine "Real World" applications. Students are encouraged to discuss and debate scientific ideas and also have an opportunity to see the historical background to modern ideas. The department uses community areas to clarify ideas and support the learning.

In years 7 and 8 the students are given the scientific concepts that will give them a thorough and detailed background on which to build their knowledge at GCSE. This includes looking at GCSE concepts and gaining an understanding of key science ideas that are the building blocks of the curriculum.

At GCSE, students cover a range of courses based on their needs and ability. We currently run Triple Science, Double Science and Entry Level Science.

Triple Science is a challenging course and is available to students who achieve a minimum of level 6 regularly in years 7 and 8 as well as higher levels during their year 9 studies. They also have to have a consistent record of handing in homework, good class work and reports. We know our students well and know who will cope best with the increased demand.

Entry Level is run in conjunction with Double Science and is available to students who need regular assessment and the confidence that comes from knowing they are making good progress from the beginning. This course has an overlap with the Double Science but students are allowed to be double entered.

All of our courses have practical work which forms the basis for learning. We complete appropriate practical work in many lessons and students are able to use many types of materials and different pieces of equipment. The GCSE now contains a selection of core practical tasks students must complete. These tasks are assessed as part of the exam and the end of the course.

The Science department is keen to be involved in our local community and, as well as having equipment available to borrow we encourage our feeder primaries to use our laboratories whenever they are available.

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