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Stour Valley Community School

Optional Enrichment Activities

We offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities to all students during Period 6. These take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, during term time, mostly from 3.10pm – 4.10pm. The activities allow for students to explore and develop interests in a relaxed and purposeful environment.

Students are encouraged to take part in as many activities as possible including additional subject specific study clubs for those who wish to extend their academic learning beyond the classroom. It is a chance to meet new people, get to know different members of staff and to learn in a different way to `normal` lessons.

We realise that many of our students have relied on the Beestons late service in the past which has now ceased, and we understand that families have schedules that cannot accommodate collecting students at 4pm. We are, however, continuing to offer Period 6 activities.