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The Mathematics Department follows a traditional syllabus based upon the current National Curriculum.

A brief outline of the curriculum content is detailed below.

Number – Fractions, decimals, percentages, and powers.

Algebra – Indices, equations, formulae, sequences, functions, and graphs.

Geometry – Properties of shapes, geometrical reasoning, similarity, congruence, theorems, transformations, co-ordinates, measures, and constructions.

Statistics and probability – Collecting processing and interpreting data, probability.

Ratio, proportion, and rates of change – Ratios, Proportion, Rates of Change, Compound Measures, Conversions for Area and Volume, Gradients and Graphs, Measurements, Scale Diagrams, Scale Factors and Simple and Compound Interest.

Due to the linear nature of mathematics every topic taught builds upon each other, therefore we continue to look at all elements of the course.

Outside lessons, we have drop-in sessions to support and consolidate the work done in lessons and to inspire pupils to reach beyond the curriculum.

Mathematics demands intellectual rigour and academic discipline. Mathematics students are problem solvers, logical thinkers and are able to link patterns in abstract situations to real life applications. The subject-specific material of Mathematics equips students for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and Mathematics. Moreover, the general skills gained from logical thinking and problem-solving extend to many other careers.

For all students our aim is the same; to present work that challenges, stretches and excites on a daily basis, in an environment that celebrates progression and excellence and is supportive of those who may, in years to come, break the boundaries of what we know and understand.

Key Stage 3

In Years 7, and 8 the students are taught in ability sets which enables them to make progress at a pace which is suitable for them. There are regular assessments of students to measure their progress. End of year assessments take the form of standardised assessment tests in years 7 and 8.

Key Stage 4

Teaching for the Mathematics GCSE begins in Year 9. The course follows the National Curriculum as set out by the Edexcel Examining Group, and its aim is to develop mathematical knowledge through oral, written and practical skills. Emphasis will be on the ability of each student to apply mathematics in everyday situations. This will include developing skills in experimentation, problem solving and using the appropriate computing systems. The students are encouraged to think and work logically and to generalise and prove their ideas. The application of mathematics relating to Science, Technology and other subjects will be explored. The course will lay a firm foundation appropriate to the further study of mathematics and other related subjects. In Year 11, once the course is completed the focus of lessons is to practise answering GCSE questions to ensure students are able to answer and provide the relevant information and workings needed to maximise their marks in their final exams.

We also offer the opportunity for able mathematicians to study an extra GCSE; AQA Level 2 Further Mathematics Certificate. This extends the work on topics from grade 7-9 with an introduction to some A level topics. It is a full GCSE, but we deliver it in one after school lesson each week. It is suitable for students already targeting a 7-9 grade in their normal maths GCSE. It will improve their skills in the more difficult topics and is very useful for those considering A level maths.


Final examinations at the end of Year 11 consisting of 3 papers, each assessing elements of all 5 curriculum strands:

Paper 1 : Non-Calculator

Paper 2 : Calculator

Paper 3 : Calculator

Each paper is 1h 30mins long for both the Higher tier (grades 9-1) and the Foundation tier (grades 5-1).       

Useful GCSE Revision Links


  Maths Watch    

for homework and Revision with lots of videos explaining the skills


5 a day GCSE 

which enables students to do some practise questions EVERY DAY!


Videos and Workshops

an excellent source of practise questions and videos


Maths Genie

a similar site with Edexcel GCSE past papers with model solutions and video explanations



BBC Bitesize – a great place for more explanation and examples


Mrs S Drury

Teacher: Maths

Mr J Hayes

Faculty Leader : Maths, Teacher: Maths / Statistics

Mr S Hudson

Teacher: Maths & MFL 

Mrs C Middleton

Second in Maths / Teacher : Science

Miss S Tompkins

Teacher: Maths 

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