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Geography means the description of the Earth, and this earth we inhabit contains both natural features and human features. At the core of Geography at SVCS is the desire to give students a deep knowledge of our earth and an even deeper understanding of how the physical, human, and environmental elements interact.;

KS3 Geography lays the foundation of geographical knowledge, understanding and skills, that underpin the GCSE curriculum whilst broadening students understanding of our ever complex and changing world. The geography curriculum aims to develop the key knowledge and skills required of a geographer, whilst developing a sense of awe and wonder in our earth and the understanding to meet the challenges that we face as global citizens now and, in the years, to come. Anchoring all of this is the mantra of 'becoming a better Geographer'.

Key strands of Geography at SVCS:

Strand 1: Locational knowledge – being able to locate places around the world. Making use of geographical facts to describe what places are like, particularly those studied throughout the course.

Strand 2: Explanation writing – being able to accurately explain different sequences of events using geographical terminology to say how places and landscapes change over time. Making links and interactions between geographical processes.

Strand 3: Discursive writing – being able to produce a balanced argument including a range of reasons that make places around the world unique. Developing these points with facts, figures and balanced opinions.

Strand 4: Geographical enquiry – being able to plan, conduct, analyse and evaluate an enquiry into a geographical process or to investigate the validity of a theory.

Strand 5: Cartographical skills – being able to accurately use a wide range of maps to identify geographical features from OS maps and to interpret further information from them, such as the reasons why human features are in a location or the formation of physical features.

Strand 6: Atlas and Map skills – being able to accurately locate places on various styles of maps and describe geographical patterns, information and data related to physical and human landscapes.

Strand 7: Graphical skills – being able to construct different types of graphs to show the relationship between data sets and their reliability as a form of presentation. In addition, be able to analyse the graphs and describe the patterns that are shown.

Strand 8: Numerical and Statistical Skills – being able to use a range of techniques to use data to explain geographical processes and patterns.

GCSE Geographers @ SVCS

GCSE students study Edexcel Spec. B comprising three components each with a 1hr 30-minute exam. Each component comprises several topics which includes:

Component 1: Global Geographical Issues – hazardous earth, development dynamics and challenges of an urbanising world.

Component 2: UK Geographical Issues – UK’s evolving physical landscape, UK’s evolving human landscapes and geographical investigations.

Component 3: People and Environment Issues – people and the biosphere, forests under threat and consuming energy resources.

The GCSE course further builds on the knowledge and skills gained in the 8 strands of geography throughout KS3, deepening students’ understanding and skills within the subject ready for further study, so that they may be fully informed, aware, and pro-active about the issues that they will face as global citizens now and in the future.

Extra-curricular opportunities within Geography (so far…)

Year 7 

Micro-climate fieldwork around the school site

Year 8 

River fieldwork at Clare Country Park (coming in 2022-23)

Colchester Zoo visit

Year 9

Plastics independent fieldwork around school/local area


Coastal fieldwork at Walton-on-the-Naze

Urban/Rural fieldwork to local area

River visit to Clare Country Park

Mr J Craig

Faculty Leader: Humanities, Teacher: Geography

Mrs L Magowan

Subject Leader : MFL. Teacher French / Spanish / Geography

Mrs G Stronach

Deputy Headteacher, Quality of Teaching and Learning, Staff Professional Development and Initial Teacher Training.

Miss C Tompkins

Cover Supervisor, Teacher: Geography

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