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The study of English at SVCS aims to guide and support students to become excellent communicators through their speech and writing, with the ability to use language creatively and accurately and to understand the writer’s craft through close analysis. Through the study of the different features of English, we develop students’ creative thinking skills and independent learning enabling students to be confident and articulate user of the English Language. 

Through a rich diet of prose, plays and poetry we help students to enjoy the diversity of literature, past and present. Students study a variety of texts including modern novels, English literary classics, plays by Shakespeare, literature from the Classical World, poetry from the English literary tradition, texts that will challenge their understanding and help them question many of the world’s most complex issues.

Reading is at the heart of our lessons and the department take time to encourage students by fostering the habit and enjoyment of private reading: all students are expected to read for personal enjoyment each week within main lessons and specific library lessons.

At Key Stage 4 we study the AQA examination board for both GCSE Language and Literature. This consists of two exams for English Language in fiction and non-fiction, and two exams for English Literature covering the following texts: An Inspector Calls, A Christmas Carol, Macbeth and Power and Conflict Poetry.

Miss M Cooper

Teacher: English / History

Mrs I Gill

Associate Assistant Headteacher and Faculty Leader of English

Mrs K Higgins

Second in English, Teacher: English, Drama

Mr N Spalding

Teacher: English 

Miss S Woods

Teacher: English

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