Stour Valley Community School



Drama is taught to all students throughout Key Stage 3, with a focus on developing skills in creating and performing a wide range of different styles of theatre.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

In Year 7 students learn a variety of techniques such as the basics of acting, mask and mime, and explore the creation of tension and atmosphere in the horror genre. These skills are then enhanced in Year 8 by studying devising, using music in Drama and an introduction to performing Shakespeare, as well as introducing students to technical aspects of theatre such as basic lighting, set and costume design. During each year, students also have the opportunity to explore a complete play. Drama is taught to Year 9 on a rotation system with Music and Art, and students have the opportunity to develop their technical skills further as well as learning new performing techniques in both scripted and devised work.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

GCSE Drama follows the EDUQAS syllabus. The course requires students to work in a group to devise and create an original performance in the style of a theatre practitioner or genre they study in Year 10. The second element of the course requires students to prepare an extract of a published play (again, working in a group), and perform this to a visiting examiner during Year 11. The third and final aspect of the course is to sit a written exam focussing on a set text they have studied and explored practically throughout the two year course,as well as evaluate a live theatre performance they have seen throughout the course.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Extra-curricular Drama provides a wide variety of opportunities for performing outside of lessons for those students who have a passion for the stage! There is a whole-school musical every two years, as well as Christmas Celebration concerts, Summer Showcase evenings, Pantomimes and Key Stage 3 Drama Club. We also participate in the Mercury Theatre's Schools' Festival annually too. If students are keen to be involved in the technical aspects of theatre, there are also a number of extra curricular opportunities offered for students to develop and master lighting, sound and stage management skills.

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