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Students have the option to choose GCSE Dance in Key Stage 4; this follows the AQA exam board. The new specification was introduced in September 2016 which has 2 key components:

  • Performance and Choreography (60%)
  • Dance Appreciation (40%)

Dance is predominantly a practical course with the majority of lessons taking place in the dance studio. The course develops students’ knowledge and understanding of dance, and develops their physical, technical and expressive skills.

Students have to learn and perform 2 set phrases as a solo and a trio performance based on 2 different set phrases. They choreograph their own solo or group piece in the dance style of their choice.

The theory paper examines the students’ knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills and a critical appreciation of their own work. Students also study 6 professional works from a variety of dance styles such as contemporary, ballet, hip-hop, capoeira and samba.

February 2021

As we are unable to produce an actual Dance Show this year, Miss Whittaker and some of her students have been working hard outside of lessons, on an extra-curricular dance project. This video has been created to show how they are making the best of the current lockdown situation through dance. Please click on this link to watch. We hope you enjoy it!

Remote Dance Project