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The Art and Design curriculum offers students the opportunity to consolidate and build on prior learning by making personal responses to a range of stimuli. Focusing on a skills base of painting, drawing, printmaking, three-dimensional work and textiles enhanced by the use of technology, students are given opportunities to move forward with confidence and competence in a curriculum area which thrives on individuality and creativity.

Students are supported and guided to understand the key concepts of creativity, competence, critical and cultural understanding which underpin the study of Art. They are given opportunities to both explore and create from a base of understanding through evaluation. Students will be encouraged to explore different ideas, materials and techniques and will be given opportunities to experience at first hand the work of other artists in informing their own ideas.

Students work independently and collaboratively to fulfil their aspirations. Close links with the local and wider communities, combined with extra-curricular opportunities, will enhance and enrich the learning which goes on within the well-equipped, purpose-built studio space. The studio ethos embraces the notion of recognising and celebrating the unique contribution all students can make to this curriculum area, and nurtures the opportunity for studying the subject to the highest levels.

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